Navya self-driving Autonom shuttle

French company Navya in self-driving shuttle trial at major US airport.

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Video: NBC reports on cool Navya self-driving trial at JFK airport

NBC in New York has reported on a recent self-driving trial using Navya Autonom shuttles to take passengers to and from the long-term parking lot at John F. Kennedy Airport.

Self-driving news from NBC New York, October 2022

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is a bi-state agency that builds, operates and maintains many of the most important transportation assets in the country, including the region’s three major airports – LaGuardia, Newark Liberty and JFK.

Self-driving comment

“If you have a bus running every 10 or 20 minutes, and we replaced that with four or five autonomous vehicles, maybe you’re only waiting two minutes,” said Seth Wainer, of The Port Authority.

Platooning on a predetermined route, the trial included the shuttle stopping “on a dime” when a pedestrian stepped out in front of it.

Johnathan Balon, MD of Navya, explained: “It’s changing the future. It’s fully electric, fully autonomous. It’s lowering their carbon footprint and it’s allowing people to understand the new technology that’s coming.”

Maintenance of Navya self-driving vehicle
Maintenance of Navya self-driving vehicle

Navya CEO, Sophie Desormière, added: “Navya’s shuttles are adapted to a large number of uses, and airports represent a good case in point. Not only do our shuttles offer a solution for the transportation of people, but our Tract also offers the same for the transportation of goods.

“The trial will also provide an opportunity to demonstrate once again the strength of our hypervision technology. Our mastery of remote and platooning fleet management is already established in France, and we will be taking a further step forward by introducing it in the US.”

Navya is listed on the Euronext regulated market in Paris. For more on EV and self-driving stocks, see our recent finance feature. For further info, visit the Navya website.

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