The Self-Driving Industry Awards 2024 proudly presents the Self-Driving Industry Awards 2024. Entries open now via the online form below.

Celebrating excellence in automated mobility, in the UK and internationally, the 2024 Awards will follow the same peer-led safety-focused format as last year.

All entrants in the following 10 categories gain the right to nominate deserving winners of the top honours, including Self-Driving Industry Legend and the coveted Self-Driving Vehicle of the Year title…

… the world’s best in automated mobility.

A quick look back at the Self-Driving Industry Awards 2023

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We therefore kindly invite applications from manufacturers, suppliers and service providers in the following categories:

  • Aftermarket
  • Design
  • Hardware
  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • Research
  • Software
  • Testing
  • Trust
  • V2X

Performance is assessed by the Self-Driving Industry Awards Panel on criteria including commercial success, societal benefit and technical advancement. See below for further details of the expectations in each category.

“From robotaxis in America to the CAVForth buses in Scotland, a growing number of operators are providing an increasingly diverse range of safe and efficient passenger and freight services. These prestigious awards recognise and celebrate the world’s best new automated mobility products, and the incredible people behind them.”

Neil Kennett, Editor

The deadline for entries is 5pm UK-time on Friday 20 September 2024, with all shortlisted candidates receiving an invitation to the awards ceremony.

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Any queries, please email [email protected]

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Aftermarket – Examples of exceptional self-driving vehicle servicing, maintenance and repair provision incl. technician training, tooling and equipment, remote diagnostics and over-the-air updates.

Design – Examples of exceptional digital or physical self-driving vehicle design, incl. interior and exterior look and feel, comfort and capacity innovations, and effective interactivity.

Hardware – Examples of exceptional self-driving electrical and/or mechanical engineering incl. computing hard parts, camera, lidar, radar, sensors, actuators and smart body panels.

Insurance – Examples of exceptional thought leadership or service provision in self-driving insurance incl. pilot study support, new liability frameworks and innovative risk data usage.

Legal – Examples of exceptional thought leadership or service provision in self-driving legislation, regulation and litigation incl. technical standards, data, environmental and liability laws.

Research – Examples of exceptional thought leadership or service provision in self-driving research incl. academic papers, government and industry market analysis, and public opinion studies.

Software – Examples of exceptional self-driving software incl. operating system, middleware, applications (localisation, perception and planning), cybersecurity and development tools.

Testing – Examples of exceptional self-driving proving and homologation facilities incl. real-world testbeds and digital/simulation for crash testing, vehicle dynamics and scenario databases.

Trust – Examples of exceptional progress in self-driving acceptance and approval, with an emphasis on user experience (UX) in terms of comfort, cost, efficiency, reliability and safety.

V2X – Examples of exceptional Wifi and cellular connectivity-enabled self-driving services incl. multi-vehicle coordination, intelligent traffic systems, fleet management and remote driving.

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