Which driverless car stocks are finance experts tipping?

With driverless vehicles being described as the biggest business opportunity since the creation of the internet, we’ve taken a look at which stocks finance commentators are tipping.

In October, financial information website MarketWatch reported: “Analysts at Morgan Stanley estimated the market for driverless cars will reach more than $800 billion by 2050”.

Brands it namechecked included: vehicle manufacturers General Motors and Honda; parts-makers Aptiv, Continental and Denso; internet companies Alphabet and Baidu; semiconductor specialists Ambarella, Nvidia, Xilinx and Mobileye; and software companies Akamai Technologies, Dessault Systems and Hexagon.

In November, news site Investor Place suggested: “We’re just a few short years away from self-driving cars becoming a major commercial force”.

Its seven autonomous vehicle stocks to consider were, in alphabetical order:

General Motors
Intel Corporation
Texas Instruments

Also in November, financial services company The Motley Fool pondered which stocks are poised to truly profit from the driverless car revolution.

Its top three, again in alphabetical order, were:

NXP Semiconductors

If these experts are right, Nvidia – the California-based tech company famous for its graphics processing units for gaming – is certainly one to watch.