Cruise self-driving robotaxi in San Francisco

Video of Cruise self-driving taxi disrupting traffic in SF

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Self-driving cars causing traffic jams in San Francisco

As we noted last week, when video of a delivery robot entering a crime scene in LA went viral, America is providing ever more examples of self-driving in action.

What’s more, there’s an unfortunate ratio at play: the more disruptive the self-driving, the greater the media appeal.

Self-driving local news

In late September, SFGATE reported that: “At least three driverless Cruise cars were responsible for holding up traffic and reportedly blocking a bus lane in San Francisco last week”.

One such incident was captured by news anchor Dan Thorn, who posted the following video to Twitter:

All part of the learning process, but too many incidents like this will dent public acceptance.

A spokesperson for the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) warned: “If an autonomous vehicle company violates their permit conditions, the CPUC has the authority to suspend or revoke their operating authority.” 

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Author: Neil Kennett

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