Glüxkind self-driving baby buggy at CES 2023

Self-driving scepticism on ITV’s Loose Women

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Self-driving baby buggy gets absolute no from ITV’s Loose Women

Following its appearance at CES 2023, the self-driving Ella “smart stroller” has suffered a hard knockback from Frankie Bridge on ITV’s Loose Women.

The EV-powered pushchair, by Canadian company Glüxkind Technologies, had already been named a “CES Innovation Awards Honoree” when it was profiled on the popular UK lunchtime show in early January.

Self-driving baby buggy on Loose Women

“We all know about driverless cars, but have you heard about the driverless pram?” asked host Ruth Langsford. “It can go up to 5mph and will automatically stop if it goes further than arm’s reach.”

Frankie Bridge responded: “For me, that’s an absolute no. I still don’t trust cars that drive themselves.”

Self-driving stroller

Glüxkind clarifies that the “intelligent hands free strolling” only kicks in when there’s no child in the buggy, so that “parents and caregivers alike can enjoy effortless walks regardless of terrain; uphill, downhill, and even when fully loaded with groceries.”

Glüxkind Ella self-driving baby buggy
Glüxkind Ella self-driving baby buggy

“The development has been driven by our own experience as new parents,” said Co-founder Anne Hunger. “Supporting the next generations of parents with an incredible product is what motivates us every day.”

However well-intentioned, it seems the Ella faces a similarly formidable public acceptance challenge to roadgoing self-driving vehicles.

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