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New mobility aggregator Karfu launches Crowdcube campaign

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Investment drive for mobility comparison website

If you’ve attended industry events like MOVE recently then you’re probably familiar with Karfu, the all vehicle comparison website.

They’ve officially been in stealth mode but now, with the launch of a new crowdfunder, we can finally talk about them.

The USP is compelling – compare the lifetime financial cost and environmental impact of different vehicles. The aim is to be a Moneysupermarket for mobility.

“In the last few years there’s been a surge of new types of vehicles, from electric cars to scooters, as well as new ways of accessing them, including subscription, sharing and rental,” explains Co-founder & CEO, Sam Ellis.

“This overload makes it hard to directly compare and choose. A lack of trust in providers, along with consumers’ environmental concerns, make the decision-making process more complex. People are confused.”

Co-founder Dominic Thomas picks up the story: “This is where Karfu comes in. It’s an impartial mobility comparison website designed to save people time, money, and help them to make more sustainable choices.

“It brings every vehicle-based product or service into one place, helping consumers to make the best choice for them.”

As of 2.30pm on Tue 28 March, the Karfu campaign on Crowdcube was up to 86% of the £300k target.

For further info see this short video or visit Karfu.com

Introducing mobility comparison website, Karfu
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